The beauty and Brains

(completely interchangeable btw)

Christmas In July 1982 LLC is a production company founded in the Fall of 2007 by Tuskegee University Alums Artemus Jenkins and KarynRose Bruyning. Christmas in July 1982 is best known for their documentaries COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES and P.O.P. as well as their scripted works, popular web series SMOKE AND MIRRORS and short film PERCEPTION


KarynRose Bruyning

KarynRose Bruyning is a writer/director/producer and the “July” in CHRISTMAS IN JULY 1982, best known for their work with the hit docu-series, P.OP. and the SMOKE AND MIRRORS web series. KarynRose also penned anti-sexual assault short film for the city of Atlanta that would serve as a public service announcement entitled TAKE A STAND in 2014. Most recently KarynRose has worked as co-creator/ co-writer for the web series BEYOND COMPLICATED with Andrea Lewis, written and directed the well noted short film PERCEPTION and executive produced THE COLORED HOSPITAL by Terrance Daye. 


Artemus Jenkins

Artemus Jenkins is the "Christmas" in CHRISTMAS IN JULY 1982, functioning primarily as director, cinematographer and editor for our narrative and non-fiction work which includes groundbreaking documentaries COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES: A TATTOO STORY and docu-series POWER OF PUSSY (P.O.P). His work documenting the burgeoning creative scene in Atlanta also produced the award winning cinema verite' piece IF YOU KNOW THE WORDS, FEEL FREE..