This film was one of those happy accidents, that came to be in a very unexpected way. AfroPunk was planning to do their first major festival in Atlanta and it was brought to our attention they wanted to create some branded content around introducing people to the Atlanta creative scene. The question we asked ourselves was how can we make what could very well just be a few cool interview pieces with some nice music into something with a little more substance? Serendipitous conditions provided us with a weekend full of events where the majority of our scene would be in a few key spots. So we made a few phone calls, put together a loose narrative and shot everything in 4 days, a week after that while fighting through a stomach virus we had a nearly hour long film ready to premiere on the opening night of AfroPunk.

The experimental hybrid documentary, focused less on how cool it is to be an artist and more on the necessity of defining our own realities and being aware of the fact all good things come to those who are willing to go after them. This film served as a lynchpin for a Creative Loafing Arts Issue that covered the entire scene, labeling us "the black new wave". This film also went on to be a Creative Loafing critics pick as Best Documentary of 2016.

Documentary, 2015

Directed, Photographed and Edited by: Artemus Jenkins

"If You Know the Words, Feel Free is a film about life; the various ways it tests, molds and prepares us to live it. Life is something we all experience differently, but it still stands as a song we at some point, all know the words to.