I have developed an interesting, habit I suppose. Relationships of mine tend to end close to holidays. My first breakup was the day after Thanksgiving. It seemed more appropriate to do that after the holiday because we can both eat away the pain. Another was a few days after 4th of July and it's always some shit happening with a woman around that time. Then there's the special one, my longest relationship was about 2 years. More 2 years than 1.5 anyway. We broke up 3 days before Valentine's Day, which made planning that weekend a lot easier. However, I don't really count the breakup so much with the holiday ( I'm anti VD), I associate it more with what happened on Feb 12th. On that day, I came up with the idea for Smoke and Mirrors.

This day is indeed bittersweet; the woman I lost was and is wonderful and being that breakups give you allllll the hindsight, there are things I would've like to have handled differently. At the same time, this situation was the direct catalyst for this series I speak of. This project exposed my partner in art and friend, KarynRose and I to a set of new experiences. Experiences as creators, I'm certain wouldn't exist if the break up doesn't happen.  I learned things about myself as an adult that I don't think I'd learn otherwise. Important shit like my handling of relationships moving forward, being real with my own wants and desires, defining my path, deciding what and who is really necessary and what this all has to do with me as an artist. Also deciding if those are even two separate things, being and adult and an artist. It's been alot these past two years, but I'm absolutely certain it was all for the better, the greater good and shit. One thing I learned that was awesome going into and exiting that relationship is that you can't be scared to make decisions with conviction, even if they are a bit scary. Overall I have grown from my breakups in ways I couldn't have expected. To lament what could've been is honestly disrespectful to my future, the thing that currently excites me the most, undefined as it may be. 

So, what's the best thing to happen to you post breakup? Don't just have me be the one sharing, emoting and shit! Leave something in the comments!