Chocolate Desire

If I had to have a vote for a new thing to call "Black Love" I'd throw that name in the hat, but as you can see it also makes for a good album cover or blaxploitation flick cover. The photo above is from a shoot I did on a whim with one of my favoriter couples, Sean and Karen. Both are artists with Sean being a renaissance man of sorts thru his painting, illustration, writing and event hosting and Karen as a singer and musician. Like a lot of my ideas it culminated in a sudden eureka moment that went something like "what if I took the aesthetic from old soul and jazz album covers and shot a couple?" So then I called these guys and their response was can we wear furs? "OF COURSE" says I!

But aside from just doing this because it was fun, it was an example to me of the kind of things in a relationship that keep strong partnerships going. The way these two interact in front of the camera and just in general is very unique to them and I think it's easy to see in these photos. A lot of people get stuck in comparing their relationships with what they see in photos or on TV and try to strive for someone else's awesome.If there is anything to take from another couple you see looking all wonderful and shit, it's that you should spend more time finding your own personal expression of lovey dovey, randomness to latch onto. Make others aspire to get like ya'll when they see you, I promise it's way more gratifying than sweating someone else's steez.

This certainly won't be my last shoot like this, it was too damn fun! I want to hear from more of you wonderful love birds out there, so let me know what you think of the photos. What's the most atypical thing you've done on a date or for Valentime's?(not a typo btw)