"So Many Skeletons...."

words by KarynRose

A creative friend of mine Marcelle Anastasia recently posed the question, “What happens when the skeletons in your closet are brave enough to lay in bed with you? My answer? Tell their story.

We were coming off of the success of P.O.P. and had been tossing around ideas for what the next project would be. I knew I want to diversify and go the narrative route for the next project but had no idea of what the story would be. Meanwhile Artemus is going through a break up and pitched me a few ideas that we workshopped until we agreed on what would go on to become the first episode of SMOKE AND MIRRORS. I sat down to write and before I knew it, I had written the first 4 episodes without thinking too hard about it. How’d that happen? I had surprised my damn self but apparently I had some shit to say.

SMOKE AND MIRRORS  became my take on all of the faux pas  of relationships, those of my friends ( you wouldn’t believe how many “ is this about me” phone calls I got) and those of myself. There’s even a character in the series that I wrote specifically to share my personal voice. I’ve found as an artist, the best way to work out all of your stuff is to simply give it space to just be. Skeletons never stay stuffed away so it’s best to skip that step all together and see what it is they have to say to you. What lesson are they carrying around in those bones? In our case a dope series and a chance to examine our own behavior came out of it.

Check out episode 5 of SMOKE AND MIRRORS and see what Dixon does when faced with the skeleton he thought was safely tucked any.