ATL Nights and Art

This past saturday I was a part of the launch of a wonderful event put together by Jamaal McKnight of Studio 94. The event was called #bestfootforward; providing another platform for creatives and artists to not only showcase their talents, but link with others in a nice comfortable environment. I'll tell you this much, when you make self-serve alcohol and Red Velvet cupcakes a part of the menu, folks will get comfy real quick! Will Mitchell, who is a local muralist said to me the get together had a totally different feel to it, "kinda like being in Boston or something". I haven't spent much time in Boston, but I can agree that it def had a very welcomed, mellow and unique vibe to the schindiggery. Being around the brick and architecture of the Fairlie-Poplar district had a lot to do with it for sure.

I exhibited a few pieces from my "US" photo series, I kinda forgot to take photos of the uhhhh photos, but that just means you need to come out and see them in person next time. I ain't frame them joints up all purty for you to just look at em online! Modou Jallow also put up work from his photo series he shot in Nicaragua and Debbi Snax had a fye ass chalk mural up to serve as the backdrop for performances and such. Oh yeah, we projected our new film "If You Know the Words, Feel Free on a building! It was lovely night.

Last Week...

what a lovely crowd

what a lovely crowd

...was exciting. We spent it finishing a surprise film project that screened last week during AfroPunk. "If You Know The Words Feel Free", its a stylistic change for sure that I lookforward to exploring more. It was received really well. What's it about? I'll have the trailer ready in a bit, here are some photos from the first screening though, we're planning another real soon : )

Smoke and Mirrors Screening #tbt

On July 7th, 2015 we had an event celebrating the return of Smoke and Mirrors, screening the first couple of episodes. Of course we wanted people to see what we had been working so hard on, but it really served as an opportunity to get people off their phones, from behind their computer screens and into a physical space. Webseries like Smoke and Mirrors, bring people together from all over the world with common interests and at the heart of it all, films were meant to be watched with others. Afterwards you can talk about how it made you feel, likes, dislikes and develop an experience around what you saw in the 2-3 hours you occupied the space. 

Afterwards we had a very engaging discussion about some of the themes within the series, like sexual expectations between the genders, dealing with your exes past, balancing love as a creative and a few other cool topics. It was a great night filled with great energy and we're very thankful for all the people who helped us make it happen simply by being available. Special thanks to Sean Fahie, Shannon Evans of Studio No. 7, DJ Wally Sparks, Quianah Upton, Miya Bailey, Maurice Garland, Tashiya Umoja, Savanna Keo, Spencer Charles, Zoa, Terron Phillips, Geoffery Dawson, Artie and Divine, Fred and Amber, Ashley Tweed and all you lovely folks who filled that place with your positivity.

Peep the gallery below, you might be in these somewhere : ) Photos were taken by the talented and lovely Zoa , peep more of her work here.