The Colored Hospital by Terrance Daye

We met him at a sparsely attended talk we gave at Morehouse during the run of the first season of SMOKE and MIRRORS. He was a wide eyed and attentive freshman. Afterwards, he walked up and we chatted a bit. I gave him my email address and didn't think much more about it.  A short while later he sent a " Nice to meet you " email, I politely responded and filed it away. Fast forward over a year and we're in preproduction for season two. I'm emailing scripts to actors and accidentally send them to Terrance. He graciously responds and tells me he'd love assist or at least visit the set. I was embarrassed but took it as a sign and indeed it was.  Terrance was one of the best assistants I've ever had and I was immediately in love with him (as was my crew and they are a tough crowd) .

At dinner one night while we were shooting #DecisionsWhileImpaired, Artemus and I talked with Terrance about what he wanted to do after graduation and joked that maybe he'd come work for Christmas in July 1982 and we'd produce his movies.

Though Terrance isn't quite ready to run full speed with us (he starts grad school in the Fall), he graduated last weekend and it's with pleasure that we call THE COLORED HOSPITAL, written, directed, and edited by Terrance Daye CHRISTMAS IN JULY 1982 production. 

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"Decisions While Impaired" premiere

The process of commandeering and eating a meal with your significant other should always be a relaxing, enjoyable, even fun process, but for whatever reason it can be such an impossible, dreaded task. With this film, we wanted to have a bit of fun capturing all the emotion wrapped up in a situation we all can relate to.  "Decisions While Impaired" in the first in a short film series we are working on, stay tuned and enjoy the film!

ATL Nights and Art

This past saturday I was a part of the launch of a wonderful event put together by Jamaal McKnight of Studio 94. The event was called #bestfootforward; providing another platform for creatives and artists to not only showcase their talents, but link with others in a nice comfortable environment. I'll tell you this much, when you make self-serve alcohol and Red Velvet cupcakes a part of the menu, folks will get comfy real quick! Will Mitchell, who is a local muralist said to me the get together had a totally different feel to it, "kinda like being in Boston or something". I haven't spent much time in Boston, but I can agree that it def had a very welcomed, mellow and unique vibe to the schindiggery. Being around the brick and architecture of the Fairlie-Poplar district had a lot to do with it for sure.

I exhibited a few pieces from my "US" photo series, I kinda forgot to take photos of the uhhhh photos, but that just means you need to come out and see them in person next time. I ain't frame them joints up all purty for you to just look at em online! Modou Jallow also put up work from his photo series he shot in Nicaragua and Debbi Snax had a fye ass chalk mural up to serve as the backdrop for performances and such. Oh yeah, we projected our new film "If You Know the Words, Feel Free on a building! It was lovely night.