Layla Felder is pretty awesome

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.44.21 AM.png

Last year Christmas in July 1982 was commissioned to create a profile piece on the amazingly talented Layla Felder for AT&T The Bridge. Layla is the founder of Kids Opera and Art Posse; an organization dedicated to exposing children to the arts with a heavy focus on education and appreciation for Opera. This particular fine art is not one you would immediately expect a teenager to have such passion for, but Layla isn’t you average child.

Sherri Daye Scott shared with me her idea to create a series of pieces on children who were using technology in exceptional ways to explore and promote their passions. We didn’t want to create something bland because after all, these are children we’re highlighting and ideally the audiences you want to inspire and entertain are other children. The one thing I knew would really allow this piece to shine would be giving Layla the space to be herself and the rest would be easy.

We shot the piece at the Cobb Energy Center and were able to get the whole space to ourselves so we could have a little fun Opera-style. This was actually Layla’s first video recorded interview, can you tell? The young lady is a pro already! It was a wonderful overall experience for me because sometimes (most of the time) children are way more fun to work with than adults, and being able to create a piece that focused on a young woman identifying and pursuing her passions so early in life is amazing and inspirational.

Be sure to share this piece with someone who needs to get over his or her case of the Mondays and if short form branded content is something you need, lets talk about it and create something wonderful.