Smoke and Mirrors Season Deux: Episode 3

Things start to get pretty interesting when Kia and Laloni are in the same room, which side you on? #TeamKia or #TeamLaloni

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Smoke and Mirrors Screening #tbt

On July 7th, 2015 we had an event celebrating the return of Smoke and Mirrors, screening the first couple of episodes. Of course we wanted people to see what we had been working so hard on, but it really served as an opportunity to get people off their phones, from behind their computer screens and into a physical space. Webseries like Smoke and Mirrors, bring people together from all over the world with common interests and at the heart of it all, films were meant to be watched with others. Afterwards you can talk about how it made you feel, likes, dislikes and develop an experience around what you saw in the 2-3 hours you occupied the space. 

Afterwards we had a very engaging discussion about some of the themes within the series, like sexual expectations between the genders, dealing with your exes past, balancing love as a creative and a few other cool topics. It was a great night filled with great energy and we're very thankful for all the people who helped us make it happen simply by being available. Special thanks to Sean Fahie, Shannon Evans of Studio No. 7, DJ Wally Sparks, Quianah Upton, Miya Bailey, Maurice Garland, Tashiya Umoja, Savanna Keo, Spencer Charles, Zoa, Terron Phillips, Geoffery Dawson, Artie and Divine, Fred and Amber, Ashley Tweed and all you lovely folks who filled that place with your positivity.

Peep the gallery below, you might be in these somewhere : ) Photos were taken by the talented and lovely Zoa , peep more of her work here.

Smoke and Mirrors Season Deux | Episode 2

Sometimes in love, you're going to have to compromise but what happens when the thing you have to compromise is your status? See how Dixon handles a little roll reversal.

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Smoke and Mirrors Season Deux: Episode 1

Season Deux has arrived, hope we didn't keep you waiting to long. We pick where we left off, with Dixon still figuring out how to get a handle on things and needing every bit of support he can get from a familiar face. It will be a fun and exciting season over the coming weeks and of course you can keep up with the latest here, but if you want to skip ahead and see the season unfold on your time $5 will get you the entire season right here in addition to more exclusive clips and content from what has been our finest work to date.

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#TBT: On Set

We would all be very lucky to have people in our lives who can smile like this over the simplest things...

I can't say I expected anybody to be as happy as KarynRose was when I told her we had a slate this go round, but it happened as you can see. I honestly think it was a bit of a morale booster in the less fun times of shooting. 

We are officially a week and some change from the season 2 premiere of Smoke and Mirrors so I figured it would be appropriate to share a few photos I was able to grab between shooting, acting and internally being a bit of a nutcase trying to balance it all out. As terrible as that may sound, it’s always fun and there isn’t anything I would rather be doing…guess that makes me a crazy person *kanye shrug*

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July 15th!

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Smoke and Mirrors is back guise!

Welp, it's taken quite a bit of doing and stressing but such is the nature of creating art. We've seen the youtube comments, IG posts, what to watch lists and so on and we appreciate the hell out of it all. Aside from the fact we had more story to tell and we love what we do, one of the determining factors in us deciding to give this a go one mo gin has genuinely been the response we get from people in real life. Let me tell it, don't nobody really know what I'm doing or making; we see the views and comments, but I don't go outside expecting people to actually talk to me about it. But, that's what I get for thinking.

Smoke and Mirrors really became something that made me realize the power of shared experiences when people in real life, in the street, from state to state would randomly come up and do things exactly like in the video above. This is not a dramatization, people kinda sorta be recognizing me and it started out kinda weird. However, once it kept happening, it became easier to get good feedback from people in realtime and truly understand the impact of what we do. It was never a thought in my mind when we created the series, but it is a very nice side effect. I'm not at all concerned about being any type of internet famous just to be seen, the thing I like the most about people's willingness to share their experiences and what they took from the series is the creation of dialogue and expanding people's view on life. THAT is one of the main reasons we do what we do and we want to keep doing that.

So yeah, here is the first piece in what will be a nice summer of content from the folks over at Christmas in July 1982. We appreciate your support for our work and are gonna keep fighting the good fight, being dope and such. Stay tuned guise, peace.