"P.O.P" was the first film that allowed us to begin learning how to utilize the digital space in a way we weren't aware of with Color Outside the Lines. It allowed us to learn through experiment a bit with marketing tactics in addition to subject matter. Although we always felt the series would do well, we can't honestly say we thought it would generate over 3 million views on our channel and still be watched frequently and meme'd to this day. 

P.O.P. was made just as pop culture as a whole began to view exotic dancing as more of a career choice, than an exploitive business fueled by drugs and pimps. It had become quite common to meet women outside of clubs who speak of the films ability to empower women through education of something we all could stand to be more open minded about. Maybe it was the twerk tutorials and team pole dance moves?

Documentary, 2012

Directed, photographed and edited by Artemus Jenkins

"Power of Pussy" is a multi part documentary series about some of the most celebrated and misjudged individuals in our culture; strippers. These women are sometimes classified as lowlifes of society, many thought to be streetwalking drug fiends with no regard for others. Some are thought to be impressionable young women, taken advantage of by men overseeing a seedy underworld. These are assumptions often made without any context from the women who live this life. This short documentary is a small look at a world many have only heard about, shedding light on how things really work for many women who have put on a g-string at some point in their lives. 

The first episode introduces us to GiGi Maguire, Cali and Simone, all dance or have danced at nationally renowned club Magic City. What does one have to possess to even begin navigating the business of strip; these ladies shine light on that question and others.