AFROPUNK Feature for "The world awaits"

AFROPUNK Feature for "The world awaits"

Continuing with the exploration of themes centered around social awareness "The World Awaits" gave us an opportunity to speak on a cultural aspect that a lot of people think takes a back seat in African-American culture: art. Art and it's place in educational institutions has been fighting an uphill battle for years, with more funding being cut and many local municipalities questioning it's value to children. More emphasis is being placed on technical and digital know how, while something that influences our life every single step of our day is tossed to the wayside.

With this film we wanted to begin the conversation with viewers about what working African-American artists look like and are capable of. This piece serves as an introduction a larger idea we are working on that will really provide a more in depth look at the impact art outside of music and dance has on African-American culture.

Documentary, 2014

Directed, Photographed and Edited by: Artemus Jenkins

If the opportunity to make a mark the world could see was within your reach, would you take advantage and grab that opportunity? This film offers a glimpse at 8 artists, representing Atlanta, GA, who wanted to take the burgeoning renaissance in their city and put it on the grandest stage in the art world; Art Basel